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The Universe is Within Us

The universe is within us
The eternity of this universe can be acknowledged with the fact that a ray of light traveling with a speed of 3x10^8 m/s reaches earth from the Sun in 8 minutes and that makes measuring the boundaries of the universe nearly impossible. Even the nearest celestial body from the earth i.e. moon is almost 250k miles and the nearest star is 3 light years far.

Humans have always been curious about their existence and the outer space. In this voyage we have reached the moon, mars, discovered various comets, planets, and galaxies but in the quest for finding the life on other planets we forgot to understand the universe within us!

What? The universe is within us?? And this statement may seem weird or exaggerated. But this is eternal truth and there are various ways to look at the same. Let us discuss them one by one and find the hidden relativity between ‘the universe’ & ‘the universe within’.

Universe is within our brain
A human body consist of nerves, bones, tissues, cells and various other organs which help the body as a whole to do the tasks it wants to and one central organ i.e. brain make them do that. This all happens when we are awake or asleep. This functionality of our brain is very well known to us, but there are other certain things that we observe happening to us but have no clue about. One of them is very common and we call it ‘dream’ and the matter of the fact is what triggers the brain to see such happenings or faces which we have never ever seen in our lives. This unconscious part of our brain is exactly like ‘the dark matter’ present in the outer space.  

Supernatural humans have developed inner conciousness
We have always seen some common people with extraordinary abilities existing on our only known planet having the life. They are excellent in doing such things which a normal human body or mind couldn’t. Living in caves in a negligible amount of oxygen, without consuming food or water for many years, a blind person drawing the scene in front of him exactly the same and much more. These amazing abilities are hidden somewhere within us and sometimes they find their own way out and many of the times we need to look out for them within us (with no clues).

we are children of stars and DNA came from their
We are children of the stars! No, this is neither a dialogue from a Hollywood movie nor a bluff, but there is a scientific reason behind the same. Okay, don’t get fussed up and let me explain it in a simpler manner (obviously, am not going to put the scientific theories here).  Millions of years back when the big bang happened, various stars, planets, and other celestial bodies were born and this continued for many years. During this procedure, many stars (major resources of minerals in-universe) died and fell on planets and this is how along with many other minerals our DNA came into existence on the earth, which is the most essential and lately under-discovered part of the human body. Scientists are still working on finding the origin of our DNA and have not yet discovered various facts and figures related to the same.

Hindu scriptures have a mention of chakras within us
In the Indian (or Hindu) mythological scriptures too there are mentions of ‘chakras’ (elements) in our bodies which need to be awakened by doing different yoga, aasans, and dhyana etc. The scriptures mention that the one needs to focus on his inner self and must detach himself from usual thoughts or general doings to attain this position. Post this he will start understanding each chakra one by one and the knowledge he gets from attaining each chakra will help him finding or understanding the next one.  Further explaining the concepts various Hindu (or Sanatana) scriptures suggest that the universe is originated from a ‘Zero’ and is infinite and there is one god which is in different forms or within different creatures has originated millions of years back from ‘Om’ which resembles the ‘Zero’ and is anant i.e. eternal. So, simplifying this we assume ‘a’ refers to the God, ‘b’ refers to the universe and ‘c’ refers to the living beings.
When a = b and a lives in c.
Then, b also lives in c. (Here, b = Universe and c = all the living beings).
Okay, don’t get frustrated on by assumptions now but as I have already mentioned in the beginning that we all have our own ways of looking at this topic and must start working on finding the same.

At least, while discovering outer space or the universe, humans must turn on their inner eyes and start looking within. At first, they must get independence from the existing narrow mindedness and hate among themselves which are destroying the pure humanity on this planet. They must destroy the negativity among themselves and expand their inner selves like the universe and find their happiness in others belief or joy.

God is space and are within us

We have been worshiping gods from space in different religions from many years of our existence. The stories related suggest the same that the use of the universe has been done in the goodwill of human beings, the gods have always helped humans to know their inner self & abilities to find the ways to live in harmony and love irrespective of the religion or nations they belong to.

But now we are in a race of finding the life on other planets and developing human colonies on them. Just one thing I need to suggest here is that finding inner-self, living in harmony and love here on the earth is much cheaper and achievable than the cost of reaching the moon or other planets and extracting minerals from them.

I am not against the development of science but just need to say, the simplest and suggestible fact is humans must first try to find themselves. Most probably they could find something more important and/or a satisfactory universe within.

Question –  Should humans be worried about their next home in outer space or about their present conditions on the earth which they are making more hazardous?

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