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Just Rewire Your Brain to Feel Happy: 6 Easy Hacks!

Easy tips to make yourself happy

If a householder moulds himself according to the circumstances just like nature moulds herself according to seasons and performs his Karma then only shall he acquires happiness.  ~ Rig Veda

We all know that life is full of ups and downs, it gives us both good and bad experiences but most of us remember the bad experiences more intensely. This is because our emotions influence how we process memories. Negative bias theory suggests that even when of equal intensity and emotions, things of a more negative nature (harmful/traumatic events) will have a higher impact on any person's behavior and cognition than something equally positive.

For example, do you remember exactly where you were when you learned of the 26/11 terrorist attack? Your answer is probably yes.

Considering that the brain plays an indispensable role in everything we think, feel, do and avoid, it is a matter of time that we should rewire our brain to feel happy. If we have that intense desire and make sustained efforts then we can really achieve this, we need to teach our brain to avoid paying intense focus towards negativity.

If you want to feel happier at the earliest, just follow these steps. But sometimes you just have to do what you think that you might need to do or make happen.

1. Improve your mindset.

Happiness already exists out there you just have to train your brain to notice all the positive frequencies and react joyfully to all of them. Recall all the good things, events and feeling whether small or big that you have come across in the day, they will certainly get a sweet smile on your face.
improve your mindset and stay happy

2. Adapt to happier habits.

To be happy you need to include various habits of an active and healthier lifestyle. Getting up early in the morning (obviously, after having 7-8 hours of enough sleep each night), exercising regularly will make your body feel good which will further make you happier.

adapt to happier habits

 3. Smile more and make time for happiness.

Though you can not work the whole day, so, need to explore the day and make time to chill out with your friends and family. If you find that meditating, yoga or listening to music make you happy then indulge in those activities very regularly.
smile and make time for happiness
Studies show that smiling more actually does make people happier, not only the one who is smiling but those who are with him/her will enjoy the company and will stay happy.

4. Spend more time outside and in pursuing your passion.

Nature has plenty of moments to make us feel happier, we just have to go out and explore them. Just breathing fresh air in an open ground and letting the sunshine fall on your face will help you in reducing stress.
Everyone will love to pursue their passion. If your passion is not your profession then take a look at your schedule and try to make time to follow your passion or dreams whether it is music, dancing, traveling, blogging etc.      

5. Help others and do nice things to them.

Sometimes a simple gratitude can change the pursuit of happiness. Just helping an old man in crossing a busy road or feeding stray animals will make you feel accomplished. Live with the attitude of giving rather than taking, this will make you more happier than anything else.
help others and do nice to them


                     6. Make time for "Me-time"                        

If you want to feel happier, then you have to let go everything else but you. You are the only best caretaker of yourself, you know everything about yourself and about what makes you happier?
take me-time regularly-to-be-happy
Always, make a time from your daily schedule for yourself. Fix an hour of the whole 24 hours day just for the "me-time" where you will analyze everything about you.
This will help you in exploiting all the negativity from your life and focus on the good experience which will make you more happier.

Hope I have been able to convince you to be happy always. So, guys if you feel these tips could really help someone in making their life fruitful and joyous please do share on social handles mentioned below. (This will be your first step towards happiness!)

Also, if you would like to add anything please comment below.

Blessings and happiness to all! #EmotionalRelativity

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