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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Reduce Anxiety

how to reduce anxiety or stress

Anxiety is a withering problem that spreads like a viral disease. Sometimes you feel unfocused while having a conversation with someone and unexpectedly negative things starts coming to your brain's backyard that makes you drown in the hard thoughts like the stressed life at your office or at home.

As usually, you will become a victim of the illness and start getting attached to it!

You need to train your brain to be happy always and focus on good things because sometimes the anxiety or stress can come from a window like wind and you inexplicably starts feeling stressed out about the things. If you get more anxious at times will adversely affect your health, resulting in a visit to a doctor and medicines!

But it is said that'' an ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure".

So, what's the solution?

It is always advisable to be focused on the present and the objectives to achieve your daily success to get rid of the anxiety naturally. You need to practice concentration by meditating, yoga, outdoor games and doing things that make you feel energetic.

Anxiety is an obsession, get yourself out of it immediately!

Train your brain to stay out of the negativity around you, there would be a lot of bad things happening around you and may try to distract your attention from your positive goals.

Always remember there are a lot of reasons out there to be happy always. People will feel depressed if they are not getting a job and have no one to talk about but should remember that they have a roof over them and are getting enough to eat. Learn to be content and avoid inexplicably worrying about everything. This will certainly help you in dealing with anxiety and depression.

Never compare yourself with others.

Out of 5 people whom you are comparing yourself with two are not even true to their own lives, one is out of the league and the other two are happy with their own sorrows and you must learn from them. Stop stalking them and wasting your time in dreaming about others' amazing lives of your false imagination.

Try to believe in that you have, pay respect to the one who believes in you and always try be content.

Spend your time in things that empower you.

We usually fall prey to the addictive habits in our lives and get obsessed with them. Children becoming the victim of play-stations, computer games, and adults to the drugs or other intoxications. These all are the habits that we need to ignore and stay out. Start working on healthy habits like playing outdoor games like hockey, football, basketball etc or reading, writing etc. These are the ultimate relief techniques to manage stress in life.

Stay active and join the 5 am club to enjoy the life to fullest.

Celebrate all small good things happening to you and others.

Celebrating achievements whether small or big will never let a tiny space for bad things in your life. Giving yourself a small treat on completing a daily task or bringing an ice-cream pack for your family for dessert etc will make your life more joyous.

Helping others and celebrating their joy will also make your life bigger and better.

Why look out for the solution when it is inside you, read my composition here "The universe is within us." 

Do let me know your tricks in the comment section below to stay out of the stressful life and reduce anxiety? 

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