Monday, 2 January 2017

Need a New Year's Resolution? 5 Ideas to Make 2017 a Productive Year

Ideas to make 2017 a productive year

As we are preparing to start a new year, it is better to think about how we can make 2017 more productive, which will further help us in leading happy and graceful life.
Here are 5 ideas resolution to adopt for a productive new year:

1. I will be positive and energetic.

Many problems of our lives are stem from a lack of positivism and energy. Focus makes us achieve tough goals and to have the focus we should always keep on practicing various life hacks/moves. Meditation, exercise, healthy food, and good sleep are among those few moves to give you the stamina to make that extra push. Never be afraid of anything, the whole universe is within us.

2. I will be more focused.

People nowadays have one most common barrier i.e., fatigue factor. Due to their hectic & complex jobs, they feel depleted and lose focus from their goals. Unfortunately, that goal is often what they really should be focused on - the search for a more ideal job, the pursuit of happiness and family. If this feels like you, then start thinking of making 2017 the year you are craving for, take necessary actions to maintain focus on achieving real life aspirations.

3. I will stay in touch and manage my online presence.

Reach out to your acquaintances or network, ask about their holidays or at least have regular water cooler chat with them. You can also make more contacts by dedicating time to manage your online presence and regularly dropping messages to them.
Online presence is much effective nowadays from a professional standpoint, you can extend your outreach to a broader network and stay updated.

4. I will be beyond my comfort zone.

This is a point which everyone needs to take literally and stretch your routine so that you could do something outside your day-to-day and perhaps beyond your comfort zone.
This includes indulging in extracurricular activities, learning advanced topics in your work domain, taking part in community activities etc. If you are an empath then try to explore new perspectives and join other circles without any hesitation, there are people who would understand you.

5. I will lead a happy life.

Keep your options open, avoid delaying what you have been craving to achieve so far.
Build focus on growing in your field by learning more and getting outside of your day-to-day comfort zone. Keep marketing yourself and ask for what you want, this certainly increases your chances of being confident in achieving your real aspirations of life and leading happy & content life.

Hope these ideas help you in formulating your own resolution and make 2017 the productive year you were craving for.

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Happy New Year!

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